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  • Kermanshah Biliogy research Center
  • Kermanshah Biliogy research Center
  • Kermanshah Biliogy research Center

Research Areas



Faculty members of the Medical Biology Research Center have carried out several research projects and also are working on many other research projects in the following areas



Purification and production of monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies, enzymes and proteins used in the pharmaceutical and food industries


Preparation of the required biological products for Medical Diagnostic Kits and products used in the pharmaceutical and food industries


Construction of bioconjugates and their stabilization


Isolation and purification of medicinal and practical proteins and peptides


Isolation and purification of active compounds from medicinal plants and the production of new drugs from medicinal plants


Isolation of stem cells from different tissues and their differentiation into neuronal, endothelial and insulin cells for use in clinical trials in laboratory models


Investigation of angiogenic and anti-angiogenic effects of different herbal extracts


Analysis of the expression of given genes and proteins by molecular techniques such as Real Time PCR and RT PCR and immunoblotting assay


Proteomics studies


Study of the mechanism of the effect and toxicity of compounds derived from plant sources on diabetes


A clinical trial of compounds obtained from plant sources in patients with diabetes


Pharmacokinetic studies and investigation of the pharmacogenetics effects of medicinal plants


Study of the fatty acids present in the oils produced in Iran, identification of risk factors in oil and study of atherogenic effects


Study of the molecular basis of hemoglobinopathies, thrombosis, and preeclampsia


Study of biochemical properties of amyloid aggregates


Evaluation of response to treatment in various diseases based on human genetics (pharmacogenetics)


Measurement of the blood level of various drugs using HPLC technique


Study of the cardiovascular effects of drugs and plant extracts in laboratory models


Study of the factors affecting ischemic injury and cardiac reperfusion


Seroepidemiology studies of diseases and recognition of antigen candidates for diagnosis and vaccine


Genetic engineering and the production of recombinant products


Study of the protein- drug interactions


Graphic and molecular modeling studies