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  • Kermanshah Biliogy research Center
  • Kermanshah Biliogy research Center
  • Kermanshah Biliogy research Center

Department of Biomaterials and Biophysics



  • Dr. Ali Fatahi
  • Dr. Ebrahim Barzegari


  • Biomaterials and microfabrication

Research Interests and Projects:

We have developed different methods and techniques for production of micro- and nano-particles and fibers for drug/gene delivery and tissue engineering which made our lab a regional reference in micro- and nano-biotechnology in the west of Iran. Our lab is one of the few labs in Iran, which have micro-fabrication and soft lithography facility, and the efforts of our lab members in developing simple methods for producing microfluidic chips made our group one of the pioneers in the biological applications of microfluidics. Already, we have conducted several projects on the application of microfluidics for industrial production of microspheres and bio-artificial pancreas, and 2 Pharm D and 7 Ph.D. students with different backgrounds e.g. biomedical engineering, organic chemistry, chemical engineering, food industry and biotechnology are working in our lab.