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  • Kermanshah Biliogy research Center
  • Kermanshah Biliogy research Center
  • Kermanshah Biliogy research Center

Cell Culture


The research of the Angiogenesis and cell culture Laboratory of MBRC is aimed to unravel fundamental processes and mechanisms of angiogenesis and vascular development using molecular and cell biological techniques. The acquired knowledge is used to develop new diagnostic tools and treatment modalities for clinical applications

The research is structured in the following research lines in angiogenesis and Cell culture Labs:

Line I: Target and drug discovery

Line II: Mechanisms of resistance

Line III: Combination therapies

Line IV: Personalized treatment strategies

Line V: Metabolism and biology of tumor

So,Our facility offers in stem cell lab:

feeder cell isolation and propagation

expansion and banking of stem cell lines and culturing of stem cells; provision of pluripotent stem cells to investigators

consultation on the differentiation of stem cells to particular cell types

short training courses on stem cell culture for MBRC and other investigator



The MBRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology (LMB) is a research institute dedicated to the understanding of important biological processes at the levels of molecules, cells and organisms. In doing so, we provide knowledge needed to solve key problems in human health.


Kamran Mansouri, PhD of Molecular Medicine (group leader)kmansouri@kums.ac.ir

Azadeh Mahnam, MSC.Molecular Biology,amahnam@gmail.com

Zohreh Hoseinkhani, MSC. Biochemistry,z_hoseinkhani_64@yahoo.com

Farhad Oubari,Msc of Hematology,farhadobari@yahoo.com